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    No Messy Charcoal.
    No Flare-ups.
    No Babysitting.

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    Amazing barbeque, none of the hassle. We're talking apple smoked bacon, mesquite brisket & hickory ham right in your own back yard.
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  • Traeger EZ Pay

    With Traeger EZ Pay, buy any Traeger Grill online (excluding PTG) and split the cost of your entire order over 3 payments.

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  • How it Works

    You'll always get amazing result because Traeger does all the work for you. Learn more about Traeger's auto start, temperature control, and convection heating.

  • Temperature Control

    Just set it and forget it. See how Traeger allows you to set and maintain a consistent temperature.

  • Power Consumption

    See how Traeger is able to run on as little power as a standard household lightbulb (after the first 4 minutes).